Consolidation Loans

Nedbank Debt Consolidation Loans

Get  Nadbank Debt Consolidation Loan from Nedbank today and get cash cash deposit of R 1000 to R 120 000 into your salary account. You can use this to pay off all your debt and remain with just one debt to pay off.

Nedbank Debt Consolidation Loans Contact Details: 0860 115 060.

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African Bank Consolidation Loans

African Bank Consolidation Loans allows you to settle other debt and take the remaining capital out all in one loan. This helps you manage your credit simpler and more cost-effective way.

African Bank debt consolidation loans offer the following benefits:

  • Enables you to consolidate your debt with repayment terms from18 to 60 months
  • Simplifies the administration of multiple lenders and multiple loans
  • Often results in savings, due to the consolidation of administration fees
  • A reduced instalment frees up cash flow
  • A reduced instalment may also result in the customer being able to access additional capital
  • No settlement quotes are required and customers can consolidate up to five accounts from a wide range of credit providers
Cash Loans Consolidation Loans

One Stop Financial Services (OSFS) Consolidation Loans and Personal Loans

One Stop Financial ServicesReceive up to R150,000 over 60 months of personal and consolidation loans. One Stop Financial Services (OSFS) Debt Consolidation Loans gives you the ability to consolidate (group together) your debt into a single loan.You will not be eligible to apply for a loan if one of the following conditions is not met;

  • You need to be South African citizen
  • You need to be solvent and not under administration/debt counseling
  • You need to be employed for a period exceeding six (6) month


Cash Loans Consolidation Loans

Gemfin Business Solutions

Whether you need consolidation loans, emmergency loans, developmental credit or any form of short term credit, Gemfin Business Solutions have been servicing the public for more than 10 years.  With an easy online application proceess, and you get an instant quick decision within minutes.

Loans are designed to suite your needs and are repayable according to your affordability. Germfin Business Solutions Short Term credit is designed for you to cope during the month and repay them at the end of the month. Contact Gemfin Business Solutions and let them take care of your financial needs.Gemfin Business Solutions

Contact Gemfin Business Solutions

Head Office

Address: 34 8TH Avenue
Northmead, 1501
Telephone: (27) 861 436 346


Address: Shop no.3, LM Building
7 Elizabeth Street
Telephone: (27) 51 447 2960


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Telephone: (27) 53 831 1300


Address: 12 Rietbok Street
Build IT Building
Telephone: (27) 53 723 1600